Inspiring Agile

Inspiring others to become passionate about this thing called Agile is possible. You just have to tell a compelling story.

Everyone can be inspired by a good story. One with a hero, an antagonist, a good plot and plenty of action! Your journey into the Agile world must be conveyed as an exciting adventure to a place where things are better.

Start your story with why Agile is a good idea for fixing whatever issues you are facing. Create a plot where your teams are the hero and the problem being fixed is the antagonist. Tell the story in a way that allows them to envision the journey they are about to embark on.  Reassure them that they will be kept safe in their travels.

As with any journey, surprises occur. Venturing into the unknown can be uncomfortable, stressful, and sometimes downright scary. Keep everyone together and work through these things as a team. We all know what happens when people go off on their own when the scary stuff starts…

One last thing. This story you’re telling. It must be non-fiction. You can’t fabricate a tall tale and expect people to follow you to a non-existent utopia. Keep it real folks.